Monday, July 11, 2022

Mini Paper Dolls

The Paper Dolls have been maybe the most popular items at my Etsy shop. And so are now the Mini Paper Dolls. 

You have endless possibilities to mix and match the images! Mini dolls are perfect size also for ATC cards.

 The newest if the mini paper dolls - Mini Halloween Paper Dolls

Mini Paper Dolls Kids


  1. Thank you for your obvious ability to communicate complex ideas in a concise and effective way that is easy to understand. Go ahead! ❤️️

  2. I missed you while being away from the blogging world! Kaipasin etenkin autiotalojasi. <3 Etkö sä niitä joskus kuvaillut vai muistanko väärin? Nämä leikekuvatkin on mielettömän ihania, sulla on ihan oma persoonallinen tyyli.